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Worcester Community Garden is a delightful urban teaching, research and community display garden, of 3/4 an acre, situated in the heart of Worcester. Based at The Old North Stables on the edge of Pitchcroft Race Course. It is part of Transition Worcester

We help you to grow, harvest, process, cook and eat more of your own healthy, seasonal food sustainably right where you live. Promotion of biodiversity and wildlife conservation are also central to everything we do.

This exciting facility holds several benefits for you and the wider community, including:

  • improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing
  • a strengthening of our community
  • reaching out to the marginalised
  • an increase in your skills and knowledge about how to grow fruit and vegetables
  • a reduction in your food miles
  • a closer connection with where your food comes from
  • fresher and healthier seasonal food for you at a reduced cost
  • learning how to renew, reuse and recycle more of your resources
  • more biodiversity and contact with wildlife for you
  • To provide small charities with some herbs and vegetables

There are lots of opportunities for you to learn new skills, join our gardening club and volunteer to contribute to this fantastic enterprise. Come and visit us; you will receive a very warm welcome. Below is our latest site plan, which is always a work in progress, with new plans already in the pipeline for floating greenhouses, among other developments in the coming seasons

We are open between 10am and 2pm every day except Wednesday (this is weather dependent). Just look for our sign.

Site plan June 2023

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