about us

Worcester community garden is registered charity running a half acre site on the edge of Pitchcroft, Worcester racecourse.

We are part of Transition Worcester, which is committed to developing resilience and a more sustainable way of living within the community in the face of climate change and fossil fuel depletion.

On the community garden site we follow organic and no dig principles to produce our vegetables, fruit and flowers, meaning our beautiful produce is grown with zero chemicals and zero air miles.

The garden includes a number of “small garden spaces” designed to provide ideas and inspiration. Do feel free to explore. If you would like a guided tour please ask one of our site guides or a volunteer.

Just as our plants grow organically, so does the garden itself. It evolves and develops thanks to the skills, ideas and enthusiasm that our volunteers bring and the spirit of collaboration and community we all treasure.

The community garden is open every day of the week between 10am and 2pm, and provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, be active, use existing skills and learn new ones and, best of all, to meet lovely like-minded people.

Do come and visit us soon!