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Jobs List This Month

A board on site shows the live list of jobs that need doing. This list is periodically updated and intended as an example of the sorts of things that people can do at the garden. There is usually lighter or heavier work, skilled or non-skilled jobs to be done. If in doubt or need clarification speak to Tony (Head Gardener) 07532 108144. Jon Bodenham (Vertical Garden) 07795121995 or Steve Dent (Leader) 07977851546.

Move soil to Orchard Garden

Build 2 simple benches for Vertical Garden – See Vertical Garden design section for context. (Jon Bodenham lead)
 Ideally 1m long 0.5m high

Re-locate redcurrent bushes

Build 4 raised beds on legs for vertical garden – Ideally 1m long, 0.5m high x 0.4m width
Plant new Fruit Trees once Orchard garden has been prepared – See Tony Build 1 island planter for the vertical Garden – 4 section variable height – ground area circa 1.5m square
Mulch Bee friendly plant garden Build 2 x 3 compartment vertical composters for Vertical Garden circa 0.75m square
Cleanup compost area Create signage style and source materials for small gardens
Prune hawthorn trees Repair / Tidy / Clean Greenhouses
Seed Sowing  Clean and sharpen tools
Paint perimeter fence Clear area inside main perimeter fence
Repair insect hotel  

Skills wanted at the garden

If you have any of these skills to offer, please contact one of the Trustees or let us know on site. Tony (Head Gardener) 07532 108144. Jon Bodenham (Vertical Garden) 07795121995 or Steve Dent (Leader) 07977851546.

Don’t worry if you don’t have specialist skills: there is plenty of other work where we need help. Simply show up on the community garden or give one of us a call. We would be delighted to welcome you as a new addition to our lovely team of volunteer gardeners.

Vegetable Gardening Edible Flower Gardening
Permaculture Knowledge / experience Pruning
Carpentry Garden design / landscaping
Bee keeping Tool Library Management
Treasurer Irrigation / solar irrigation
Social Media content and promotion Video shooting and production
Web content creator / newsletter content Artist / sign writer / illustrator
Counselling / talking therapies / wellbeing Outdoor cook
Volunteer management and motivation Community engagement
Fundraising Teaching / Mentoring
Health and Safety Contract Law

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