Vertical Garden

Many city dwellers have small gardens, patios, decks or balconies. We often think that this limits what we can do from a vegetable and edible plant point of view.
At the Community Garden we are planning an example garden that shows off what can be done in such small spaces using the following principals;

• Make the most of small spaces by growing upwards using climbing and upright variants, under planting where possible
• Everything should be edible, be it vegetable, fruit, herb, spice or flowering plant.
• Use containers that we have built ourselves from reused or donated materials that are as sustainable as possible
• Show how we can capture and use rainfall for irrigation, powered by solar energy or hand watering
• Use soil that is donated or composted ourselves
• Show how we can compost within the garden
• Build bee and bug friendly boxes and hotels as part of the balcony and vertical garden
• Both gardens should be wheelchair accessible and have signs that explaining the concept and planting
• We want to involve the community in development, construction and maintenance

We have an extra challenge in that we are on a flood plain (it can flood up to 1.5m high, and the ground is concrete being an old stable yard. We will be building on a raised platform most likely to be gabion blocks and a wooden sleeper-based frame.

Please see the planned design. If you can help with materials, skills in construction or want to contribute to the project financially, please get in touch.